Eti Eliyahu, Principal

PictureGahelet was established in 1980, by a group of parents, headed by Yael Israeli (returned to Israel in 1984) and Rachel (Rochale) Blumenfeld, seeking to educate their children in the spirit of the Israeli schools.

The program started with a small group and was given a home in Temple Israel of Great Neck in Long Island. It has grown successfully since to become a Non-Profit Organization headed by Rachel who has remained as a volunteer throughout the years.

Several years ago, a second branch opened in Jericho, Long Island. Together with the Great Neck branch, the program now has close to 200 students from pre-K to 7th grade. In addition, the 8th grade class is dedicated for the NY Regents exam in Hebrew.

Eti Eliyahu has been the school’s principal since 1997, after serving as a classroom teacher for four years. Eti is now a prominent figure and the “engine” behind Gahelet activities.

Gahelet hires Israeli teachers with the proper credentials from Israel Ministry of Education. The teachers participate in an annual enrichment seminar given by professional educators from Israel, and educational materials are constantly updated accordingly.

Rachel Blumenfeld, Founder

Gahelet is a complementary afternoon school for children of Israeli families and children of Hebrew speaking households. Its educational objective is to provide these children with enrichment of the Hebrew language, Israeli culture and Jewish traditions in a secular environment.

Gahelet aims to bring the children and their families closer to Israel through its teaching of the Israeli experience and by the special family atmosphere that it creates. The school follows the guidelines and principles of the Israeli secular public school system.

The school program combines rigorous academics with joyful personal experiences. Gahelet believes in developing an atmosphere of family among the school’s teachers, students and parents. There is a high level of collaboration, cooperation and parental involvement.   Gahelet – Israeli Hebrew School